Chicken Noodle Soup

This soup is delicious, the Homemade Chicken Stock I made it with was amazing.  I cannot wait to make another whole chicken just so I can make more stock.  Seeing as it’s soup you can add anything you like and it will be explode in your mouth wonderful because it will be filled with things you love.  It doesn’t get better then that.  In fact, I am totally going to eat leftovers for lunch while I compose this post.

What Do I Need?

Homemade Chicken Stock

Vegetables of your choice


Go ahead and ask me if any of my children enjoyed this soup.  Ask.

The answer is no, they did not enjoy this soup.  They were clearly born with disabled taste buds..

This is all the bones and skin and ick I dug out of the broth with my bare fingers.  GROSS!

I chose not to put it through a mesh sieve.  There are delicious chunky things in there you know!

We went for a drive in between steps and saw this cute horse playing in the snow.  Before this he was rolling around in it!

I came home and chopped Carrots and Celery.

Onions too, Sweet Onions to be exact.

Throw them into your pot with your Chicken Stock.

I added Cabbage…

…and broken Angel Hair Spaghetti Noodles.

Then I cooked it till it was hot and the vegetables were tender.


What Do I Do?

Add vegetables of your choice to your Homemade Chicken Stock, cook until they are just tender, add your noodles, cook until they are also tender.  Serve it!



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