Leftover Alert! Baked Chicken and Artichokes over Pasta

I skipped posting my recipes last night for Lost.  You heard me.  Lost.  We are on Season 6, episode 4.  I am confused and you are laughing at me.  I also think Sawyer is amazing, Kate is a stupid whore, Jack is ridiculous and just a little sad and Hugo is the best everything under the sun.

I bought this for Travis for Christmas…

…and he bought me this for Valentines Day…

It’s the Orchid Station.  Squeeeee!

Leftovers are my friend.  Although, leftovers also mean my kids didn’t like it, this sounds like it would be a sad situation right?  Not really.  My food is good and I know it.  They have immature taste buds, if I force them to eat delicious food by cooking it all the time those taste buds will mature and they will eventually LOVE my cooking and feel really bad about tearing me down at the dinner table every night for years.

The goal?  Revenge.

Make pasta.  I like Angel Hair, I also like whole wheat pasta, but I told Travis that we could save a ton of money if we got a pasta maker.  I have a lifetime of anniversary gifts, one day I will have my pasta maker.

Chop up a tomato and add it to a saucepan along with your leftover Baked Chicken and Artichokes and…

…add some milk…

…some parmesan cheese and you have lunch!

Eat it while you peruse some treasures from The Shark House.  We are in the process of cleaning it out and getting it market ready.  Hello Spring!

This is a gravy boat.  If you are someone who knows me then you know that the very idea of ME owning a gravy boat is so beyond the scope of imagination that you have been left reeling over the revelation that this is MY gravy boat.

These are pretty plates that I plan to serve biscuits on when I have friends over for tea.  Yes, I plan on having friends that I can invite over for tea.  I will probably wear a dress and red lipstick for this occasion.  I will most definitely take pictures.

This is a very beautiful old lamp, that sits in my dining room on top of a beautiful old radio.

I have inherited history.


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