Honey Butter Carrots and Apples

For most it would be a side dish, for me, it’s a meal, sometimes.  Before I instruct you in this delicacy I give you a picture of my Travis, because he is amazing even when he’s crinkling his forehead at me.

Although I just realized that this is not the crinkly forehead picture.  Foiled again!

What do I Need?





Chop those bitches up!

Melt butter in a skillet, lots of butter.  Seriously why would you even consider skimping on the butter?  Like garlic and onions, butter.  I love butter.  I am going to make my own butter dammit, I bet I could make garlic butter…garlicky onion butter…holy crap, that is a great idea!

This is cheap honey, not cheap honey tastes better.  I can afford cheap honey.  See how much is left in that bottle, that’s how much honey I poured into my skillet with my apples, carrots and butter.

Cook it!

Eat it!  The other dishes you see are my Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples!

What Do I Do?

Peel and slice your carrots.  Core and chop your apples.  Put obscene amounts of butter in your skillet, cook.  Add honey, cook some more.

I really like serving this over Jasmine Rice.  It’s also delicious by itself.  Substitute Brown Sugar for the honey and you have something desserty to put over anything, ice cream anyone?



3 thoughts on “Honey Butter Carrots and Apples

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