Lemon Herb Chicken in the Crockpot

 I woke up early with Eli today….

…and drank coffee.

Then I took pictures of my most recent batch of body wash/hand soap.  Lemon Tea on the left and Chamomile Patchouli on the right.

Eli played video games like a proper Little Dude.

Pickle Pie gazed out the window…

…while I did a few more rotations through my pattern…

…before deciding to fire up the crock pot and start getting dinner ready!

The Night Before…

…I threw chicken breasts in a ziploc baggie with the reserved onion juice (from the grated onion for the Potato Pancakes) lemon juice, fresh torn parsley, 1/2 of a grated bulb of garlic, and quartered onion slices.  Remove as much air from the bag as you can and refrigerate overnight.

What Do I Need

Chicken Breasts





Thyme (fresh or dried)


Parsley (fresh)

Lemon Juice

What Do I Do?

Wash your potatoes of course.

Slice them thickly and throw them in your crockpot, aim well or you may have to rinse any debris that results from missing the crockpot entirely and bombing the floor.  Extra steps you don’t need, trust me.

Peel your carrots if you must.  I prefer to leave the skins on, the rest of my family disagrees.  They are nuts.  We have found one area where I am NOT the crazy one.  Mark it on your calendar.

Chop those babies up into super big chunks place them in your crock pot.  I learned my lesson with the throwing in the previous step.  Add some water.

Chop up big chunks of celery, give some to your children (if you have any) with a bowl of ranch dressing to dip them in, put the rest in your crock pot.

It’s more parsley!  This time I think you should tear it up!

Sprinkle your torn parsley over the rest of your vegetables…

…add some Thyme…

…and Paprika.

And now, we get to do something that made my mouth water and my knees buckle.

Go get your bag of marinating chicken out of the refrigerator.  Smoosh it around a little for no other reason then it feels kind of cool.

Open it.  It smells good right?  Like super good?  Like, hurry the fuck up and cook this shit because I want to eat it right now good?  Yeah, me too.  Let it sit there a minute while you…

…add lemon juice to the crock pot.  Fresh is better of course, this is what I had, you use what you like.

At this point your three year old son might call you into the dining room to show you that he is trying to find new games to play.  He spelled games correctly.  I think that is sort of a lot of awesome.  Back to the kitchen with you wench!

Dump your marinated chicken and onions into the crock pot.  Cover it, set it to low and savor the smell that will be wafting through your home in no time.

Since Crock Pots are so Awesome…

I was able to read…

…and watch the new episode of Power Rangers Samurai with the Little Man.

A few hours later…

Dinner is served!  To be honest, I was underwhelmed.  It needs more seasoning.  Next time I will be using fresh lemons as well as making a lemon garlic butter sauce.

Eli is uncertain, he ate the obligatory bites.

While cleaning up…

…reserve the Lemon Herb Chicken broth for Lemon Soup later in the week!  If you have leftover chicken save it for Chicken Salad!


Onion Juice

Lemon Juice

Fresh Grated Garlic

Fresh Parsley

*note*  there are no specific measurements for any of this, use as much or as little of any of these things as you like.

Place the chicken in a large ziploc bag, mix all marinade ingredients and pour them into the bag along with the chicken, squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible and marinate overnight in the refrigerator.

Let’s Put it All Together







Lemon Juice

*note* again, no specific numbers, use how much you like and whatever you like.  The sky is the limit!

Wash and thickly slice the potatoes, place in crock pot, peel and cut carrots into thick chunks, place in crock pot, cut celery into large pieces, and yep, you got it, throw them in the crock pot.  Add a little water, fresh torn parsley, thyme and Paprika.  Add lemon juice.  Place pre-marinated chicken and onions on top of the vegetables in your crock pot, a little more lemon juice, cover it and cook on low all day or until chicken is done and vegetables are as tender as you would like them to be.



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